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[How to make dried rose tea]_Soaking water_How to soak

[How to make dried rose tea]_Soaking water_How to soak

Dried roses can also be used to make tea. This is a very common type of rose tea, especially for many female friends who like to drink this kind of flower tea. It will have a strong floral fragrance when you drink it.It can enhance people’s appetite, and the nutrients contained in rose tea are also elements that people themselves need, which can achieve the effect of beauty and beauty, which is very good for the skin.

Roses used for rose tea: fallen leaves, densely thorny stems, pinnate compound leaves, 5-9 small leaflets, oval obovate round, wrinkled, blooming in summer, flowers solitary, purple to white, yesRich and aromatic.

After the roses are picked, they are properly spread, folded, and the flower pedicles and stamens are picked.

Guangdong rose black tea is implemented as a single tincture.
16 kilograms of flowers; Fujian rose green tea is mentioned two times, the total amount of flowers is 100 kilograms of tea and 50 kilograms of flowers are used; Jiuqu Hongmei is mentioned once and the amount of flowers is 20 kilograms.

Production of green tea (1) Production of green tea green tea.

Fresh leaves use a small roller to kill the green machine to kill the green, the temperature should not be too high, the general control of the air temperature 4 cm away from the wall of the machine is about 140 ℃.

Pay attention to cooling in the late stage of killing greens to avoid coke leaves.

Kill the green to the dark color of the leaves and the leaves are wilted, and when the aroma is exposed, it will cool down.

The twisting method is the same as ordinary green tea.

(2) Production of black tea tea.

Fresh leaves are withered first. The temperature should not be too high when withered, and the ambient temperature should be about 30 ° C. The time should not be too long, generally 1.

2 hours.

Moderate withering is characterized by a dark green leaf color, an exposed aroma, and a penetration of about 60%.

Twist and ferment the same way as black tea.

(3) Production of yellow tea tea blank.

The process of killing green tea of yellow tea is the same as that of ordinary green tea.

After killing the green leaves out of the pot, wrap them in double-layer kraft paper and put them in a box or jar for stuffing yellow. Time 6?
After 7 hours, turn it once in the middle to make the tea oxidize uniformly and turn yellow uniformly.

The tea leaves are dried in an electric blast drying oven.

Start at 110 ° C and bake for 30 minutes.

After 1 hour, it was re-baked, and the temperature was 80 ° C, and the tea was baked to 5% of the volume of tea.

After cooling, it is packed in a film bag and stored in an iron can.